The Traveling Songwriter Circus
Presented by Hear In Rhode Island

Self contained performance/concert that we can set up at your event.
Access to power and a flat area is all that is needed.

What we provide:
-Stage (6’x8’)
-Stage Cover (canopy)
-Sound System
-Lights for Stage (if needed)

We bring in the stage set up.
We present three or more songwriters (solo or duos)
performing acoustic based material (i.e. on guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, voice).

FEE: the fee to produce this for an event ranges from $500 on up
depending on variables such as: location (city/state), length of performances,
number of performers needed, access to area, etc…

Hear In Rhode Island has been presenting events since 1994. The Hear In Rhode Island Festival
ran from 1994-2001. HIRI has also worked with The Providence Parks Dept, The Newport Folk
Festival, The Newport Sunset Festival at the Yachting Center, The Rhode Island Songwriters
Association, Roger Williams National Memorial (National Park), Stone Soup Arts Foundation.

This was the original “unofficial” mission of HIRI – “Hear In Rhode Island gets you to listen to the
home grown music of Rhode Island. There are many, many great singer/songwriters/bands and
music makers in this state. Go hear some LIVE, local, original music. It's just as good, if not better
than the stuff you hear on the radio, it doesn't cost $100 per ticket and you don't have to sit with
15,000 other people to enjoy it. RI has some of the best music you may have never heard! Come
on out and hear what's playing in Rhode Island.”

The official mission of Hear In RI is: To encourage and foster the composition of original music
by Rhode Islander performers and songwriters and to provide performance opportunities for
these artists. Hear In Rhode Island, Inc. was initially established to produce the
Hear in Rhode Island Festival but has expanded its scope to produce and present
other events such as showcases and workshops.

It is a recognized 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization
and operates under 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.

For more information please contact:
risongwriters  at
updated May 15th 2014